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Give your sex life a charge with the Violet Wand Electro-Sex Starter Kit. This easy-to-use electrosex device offers the greatest value for the widest variety of sensations! 
The power unit offers a no-slip grip and multi-speed dial that easily adjusts the intensity of the shock, taking you from a light tap to a powerful throb instantly. Swap between the four unique glass electrodes by simply slipping each one securely into the base. 
Each glass attachment offers a unique ambience, sensation, and intensity as you watch the violet colored electricity dance from the wand and onto your most pleasurable spots. Experience the lightest shock with the comb-like electrode, which evenly distributes the e-stim between each tip for a sharp tickling sensation. Next on the intensity scale comes the flat, rounded tip, where electricity bounces inside the cone structure before launching a pinch into the skin. Graduate to harsher intensities with the oval attachment and the electricity will be precisely ejected from the small tip. Prepare for sheer intensity with the tiny, globe-like tip, which – at the highest setting – offers a piercing jolt. 

TIP: To increase conductivity and prevent irritation, be sure to use our Shock Therapy Electro-Sex Gel (PD3723-06) with your Shock Therapy purchase.